The Power of Song

Ever thought about singing to your baby while they’re in utero? According to Penny Simkin, goddess doula and founder of DONA, it adds comfort and a sense of security and connection for the baby to the parents, especially the moments right after birth.


Starting at 32 weeks, Penny suggests picking one song that you really love and dedicate it to your baby. Sing it to him/her everyday. Once they are born, sing the song again, especially as tests are underway, the placenta is being delivered, at a c-section or if the baby needs immediate medical attention. 

At the 2011 DONA conference, Penny spoke about the power of song and even told us a story of a couple who sang to their baby everyday. At the time of the birth, the baby needed medical care on the warming table and was crying. The parents started singing their special song and the baby turned its head to its parents and stopped crying.  

I’m sure there are many skeptics out there about this suggestion/phenomenon but I tend to think even if there is a slight chance of comfort, its worth it!

The beautiful longtime sunshine song is often sung at the end of a kundalini yoga class and can easily be the song you sing to your baby. I personally like this version: click here