Herbal Sitz Bath

Here’s a post-partum herbal remedy to help heal those tears and repair vaginal tissue. Its good to wait a couple of days post partum before using these herbs. There are two ways to aid healing - you can either create a sitz bath (shallow bath for your perineum/vagina and soak) or add the herbal infusion to your peri bottle (that squeeze bottle the hospital sends you home with to spray on your vagina and perineum after peeing). 

First things first, brew the herbal infusion. Mix dry herbs in large mason jar. Boil water and pour over the herbs up to the tippy top of the jar. Make sure all of the herbs are covered with hot water. Pour some more hot water to the top. Seal with the lid. Use a towel - the jar/lid can get hot. Let the infusion steep at least 4 hours or overnight. When ready, strain the herbs and the herbal infusion remains. Either add the infusion to your sitz bath or to the peri bottle.

Here are some suggested herbs: Calendula, rosemary, yarrow, comfrey, lavender, rose petals and I add a pinch of sea salt. 

These herbs relieve pain, help tissues heal, and disinfect. 

You might have some of these herbs in your garden or spice rack or you can source them locally or order them from Mountain Rose or Frontier

Happy healing and congrats on becoming a mama!