Gram's secret to a quick labor

My Gram used to tell me her secret to a quick labor when I would talk to her about my adventures as a doula. It all started with the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin in the 1940s and 1950s.

The story goes something like this:

My gram was pregnant with her first child (my uncle) in 1944. At that time she lived with her parents because her husband was overseas in the Air Force. Every night my gram and her parents would read the Philadelphia Evening Bulletin. Once everyone was through, her mother and father would rip up the newspaper in tiny little pieces and throw them all over the floor. It was then my pregnant gram’s responsibility to pick up every single piece! Beyond walking, this was her prenatal exercise… hundreds of squats, every night. 

Her first labor was 2 hours and her second labor was 30 minutes. Now, I can’t promise you by doing squats your labor will be short but you sure will have strong legs, pelvic floor, and a tight bum! 

Check out this site for instructions on how to do proper squats: Click HERE.

Here’s a photo of me and gram: