Double Whammy!

This past week I had my first double whammy… meaning I had two back to back births and I had time to go to my advertising job in between and make it to my herbal apprenticeship afterwards!

Here’s how it all played out… magically:

Thursday 9am - get a call that one of my clients is in early labor

Thursday 10am-12pm - lead a pre-pro meeting for a photo shoot I’m producing the following week

Thursday 12:30pm - arrive at my client’s apt (luckily it was only one block from my apt so I could drop my computer and change my white blouse to my lucky tie-dyed tee)

Thursday 5:30pm-1:30am - at the hospital for labor and birth - 1st baby girl born - Sia Phoenix!

Friday 2am - get home

Friday 2am-4am - answer work emails because I’m usually wired on adrenaline after a birth

Friday 4am - pass out

Friday 7am - get a text from my second client that her water broke but no contractions! Gulp. 

Friday 9am-6pm - go to work (exhausted but get work done!)

Friday 7pm-10pm - attend a doula pot luck at Carriage House Birth (im such a birth junkie!)

Friday 10:30pm - get a call that contractions are 5 mins apart and to head over to my other client’s apt! 

Friday 11:30pm - hospital time - labor… and catch a few zzzz’s once the epidural is administered

Saturday 10:18am - 2nd baby girl born - Layla James!

Saturday 11:30am - run to get my zip car to go to my first herbal apprenticeship class of this year

Saturday 9pm - the rest of the weekend - SLEEP!

And that’s my crazy life as a doula, producer and herbalist! Wham bam thank you ma'am.